Clarity of direction.
Engagement at all levels.
Strategy that drives outcomes.

Our Design2Align framework is visible. It shows priorities at a glance, points of collaboration, and the paths from strategic projects to foundational values, mission and vision. It gives everyone on your team confidence that they are going to meet their goals—and you gain confidence that those goals are in complete alignment with your business strategy. With our unique Design2Align process, we’ll help you co-create that kind of business alignment you need to hit your targets.



Make decisions to position your business for maximum advantage and design a tailored system that delivers performance. You gain:

  • Clear strategic direction to guide implementation

  • Consensus on priorities

  • Executive alignment



Show people the “Big Picture,” where they currently stand, their links to company priorities, and how to coordinate work to meet shared goals. You gain:

  • The right people – the right roles

  • Improved performance and accountability

  • Employee engagement



Develop powerful and effective strategic messaging to move and inspire people to act every single time. You gain:

  • Key talking points that are simple to remember

  • Emotional links that deepen stakeholder engagement

  • An action plan that gets the word out



Make your strategic priorities, goals, and progress easy to understand so initiatives stay on track. Prompt continuous improvement and change management. You gain:

  • Visibility into goals and performance

  • Transparency that keeps people accountable

  • Adaptability to achieve targets