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Shift & Go!


Agree. Commit. Shift. Go.

Avoid 2 months of meetings and have your best year yet.


Make Change Happen

Spinning in endless meetings trying to change your focus?  Think you have agreement only to find out you don’t? Everyone have a different idea of the goalposts?

Shift & Go! is a unique way for tech firm leadership and investors to get their companies aligned around a new strategy and get on the same page. Fast.

With a compressed format workshop and a unique visual framework your team will walk away with a complete picture of your strategy. With your Shift & Go Roadmap Action Plan you can stop spinning through endless meetings because you have agreement on next steps. Shave at least 2 months off your normal process by investing 8 hours. Using the Shift & Go approach our clients: transform rapidly, double revenues, readily communicate their value and capture market share.

Framing. Focus. Fast Forward to success. in only 8 hours.

We had over 200 partnerships identified but weren’t clear where to start. Jenny helped us boil it down to the 15 that mattered.
— Susan G. Komen Foundation Greater Atlanta


  • Stop wasting time in meetings and discussions because key stakeholders don’t agree on next steps

  • Double revenues

  • Capture market share, stay relevant and competitive

  • Attract investment


Consider This a Strategy Sprint

You use an agile approach for your technology, so why not use it for your go to market strategy? This agile “sprint-like” consulting engagement is perfect for organizations that are …

  • Expanding their partner network;

  • Launching in new countries or territories;

  • Moving into products from services (or vice versa);

  • Shifting to a SaaS model; or

  • Fund-raising.

Our firm offered 20 undifferentiated services. Donita helped us identify the growth areas and focus on cloud and mobile, right before they took off in the market.
— Global Strategic Alliance Consulting Partner

Who Are We? 

A combined offering of Same Page People, an executive alignment consultancy and Other Division, Inc., a sales and marketing strategy firm, Shift & Go! is the brainchild of having solved these recurring sales and marketing challenges in a number of client firms. Chances are we have helped the C-suite at a business much like yours create successful plans in an environment of complexity and constant change. Our backgrounds include working with agile teams, software development, and lots of change management. 

Jenny Trautman  Executive Alignment and Engagement Expert

Jenny Trautman
Executive Alignment and Engagement Expert

Donita Prakash  Strategic Marketing and Sales Channel Development Expert

Donita Prakash
Strategic Marketing and Sales Channel Development Expert


What You Get

Frame the discussion with knowledgeable experts from your field. Sometimes the most difficult challenge is determining what is holding your organization back and what questions you need to answer. Our process makes it easy.

  • One on one interviews with up to 4 members of the executive team.

  • Summary debrief with team to review key observations including likely barriers and benefits to be achieved.

  • Tailored agenda for Strategy Session.

Strategy Session ensures team agreement and commitment with Shift & Go!’s unique methodology. Visualize your progress with an objective measurement of executive alignment before and after the session.

  • Shift & Go! half-day workshop of decision making and alignment led by an expert facilitator using the latest in design thinking methodology to ensure engagement and commitment from all participants (up to 8 team members).

Activate your team with visual and formatted summaries that capture your commitments and (most importantly) communicate your new shared vision.

  • Shift & Go! Roadmap Action Plan to see and explain the big picture of the shift

    • Next steps identified, prioritized and assigned.

    • Gap analysis of what remains to be determined or planned.

    • Success metrics defined.

    • Before and after snapshot of executive alignment.

  • Digital assets of all decision points and meeting takeaways.

  • Shift glossary to get everyone talking about the same things in the same way so they can take action.

STRATeGY Session Action Artifacts

Roadmap Summary

Roadmap Summary


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We were transitioning from a licensed software model to SaaS midstream and their expert helped us determine how to shift our critical partner network to the new approach.
— CustomerMatrix

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