Jenny Trautman

Before I talk about us, let’s get clear on one point: Same Page People is about you! Our focus is getting your people on the same page with a shared vision and the right alignment to put your future plans in action.

I’m Jenny Trautman, the founder of Same Page People.  I help people and organizations tap their creativity to envision their goals and draw out plans to achieve them. With over 25 years executive experience in technology and business management, I use visuals to bring people together who may not always speak the same language, both literally and figuratively.

Imagine having a dynamic leader create large, colorful infographics of your business conversations, live, while we work together to answer difficult questions for your organization. Imagine adding your thoughts.  Imagine taking colored markers to a chart the size of a wall. Imagine holding productive meetings that up the “fun factor” while supporting serious work. You just imagined holding a meeting with me.

Want to get your people on the same page? Let’s talk.